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Established 1989.
Waterproof Car Covers

Waterproof Car Covers

  • Protect and invest in your car with a waterproof car cover
  • Uncover your car in the same condition it was when you put it away
  • Ultimate quality that will last for years

Features available with our waterproof car covers

Protects against bird droppings
Suitable for use with cable lock
Protects from tree sap
Snow and frost protection
Storage bag included
Strong Straps and Elastic
Protection from UV rays
Protects from fine dust and dampness
Protects from scrapes and scratches
Super soft

See our car covers in action

See our Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover in action in this video of a Porsche 911 under cover.

The video demonstrates how our ultimate ourdoor car cover is a completely waterproof car cover and keeps your precious car nice and dry underneath.


"The Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover is fantastic quality, much better than previous covers I've owned! It's fully waterproof and I rest safe in the knowledge my cars are kept safe and clean underneath. I like it so much that I bought two!"

Rob Watson
Rob Watson
September 2017