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Our extensive range of indoor car covers and outdoor car covers are available in various sizes, whilst in addition to this we are able to offer a fully bespoke indoor car covers, outdoor car covers and exhibition car covers. All of our custom made covers are handmade to order by our factory in the West Midlands, UK. We believe that we are able to provide a car cover to suit all requirements and we specialise in custom made car covers in the UK.


We supply three indoor car covers; our standard fit blue cotton soft indoor car cover, our standard fit super soft stretch indoor car cover, or our fully bespoke custom / tailor made car cover tailored to your car. All of our indoor car covers are fully breathable, very soft and are designed to protect your car against fine dust, knocks, scrapes and scratches. All indoor car covers are fully machine washable and come with a storage bag.


We have a complete range of outdoor car covers, suitable for cars kept outdoors or under partial shelter. All covers come with storage bags.

Our Lightweight breathable car cover is suitable for cars in regular use or stored in a partially sheltered area. These outdoor car covers come in 8 sizes.

Our Ultimate Outdoor car cover offers incredible protection through the use of fabric nanotechnology. The breathability of the fabric allows it to be put straight onto a wet car, with the rain simply evaporating away. Strong and stretchy, this car cover is suitable for use outdoors and indoors and is available in sixteen standard sizes. We can also tailor make an Ultimate car cover just for you.

Finally, we have a half car cover for the cockpit area. The half car cover is designed for cars where protection is only required for the roof area. This is ideal for leaking roofs and for quick, easy protection from frost, snow and UV rays.


For years the Classic Additions Exhibition & Reveal covers have been used to launch vehicles across the globe, whether this is at International Motor Shows, press launches, new car hand-overs or public car events.

For these important events a good quality fabric supported with a top class service is paramount. We deliver on time, every time, in any country and for any make / model. This is why we are the number one company that leading car manufacturers and marketing agencies trust with their most important shows of the year; year after year!