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Outdoor Car Covers

We have a complete range of outdoor car covers, suitable for cars kept outdoors or under partial shelter. All covers come with storage bags.

Our Lightweight breathable car cover is suitable for cars in regular use or stored in a partially sheltered area. These outdoor car covers come in 8 sizes.

Our Ultimate Outdoor car cover offers incredible protection through the use of fabric nanotechnology. The breathability of the fabric allows it to be put straight onto a wet car, with the rain simply evaporating away. Strong and stretchy, this car cover is suitable for use outdoors and indoors and is available in twelve standard sizes. We can also tailor make an Ultimate car cover just for you.

Finally, we have a half car cover for the cockpit area. The half car cover is designed for cars where protection is only required for the roof area. This is ideal for leaking roofs and for quick, easy protection from frost, snow and UV rays.

Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover


Manufactured from our most advanced fabric, fully waterproof, fully breathable, strong and stretchy.

From £215.00

Lightweight Outdoor Car Cover


These lightweight breathable car covers are ideal for cars in regular use that are kept outside or partially covered.

From £105.00

Premium Outdoor Half Car Cover


These fully waterproof and breathable half covers are perfect for long term use.

From £95.00

Waterproof Outdoor Half Car Cover


This small and convenient half cover is manufactured from silver polyester which makes it waterproof and heat reflective.

From £51.00

Custom Made Outdoor Car Cover

Tailor made

This fully breathable, waterproof tailored outdoor cover may be fitted to a wet or dry car. Custom made to fit your car.

From £559.00

Trailer Net

Forget costly transportation covers, this simple Trailer Net can be used in conjunction with an outdoor car cover.


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