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Established 1989.

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Trailer Net


Stops covers ballooning as you drive down the motorway

The net has a fine mesh to stop the cover underneath from filling with air as you drive down the road

Cost effective way of protecting your car on a trailer

This is a cheaper alternative to a fully bespoke trailer cover, as this will help keep our Ultimate covers in place

Only for use with our ultimate or custom covers

These can only be used with our most durable Ultimate outdoor covers, rather than our Lightweight covers

Established 1989, with thousands of happy clients across the globe

Forget costly transportation covers, this simple Trailer Net can be used in conjunction with an outdoor car cover (we recommend using it with our Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover) to stop any movement of a standard cover on a car whilst using it on an open trailer.

Made of a heavy duty mesh and featuring a comprehensive set of straps, this Trailer Net combines being easy to fit with an unbeatable level of security.  The innovative design allows air to pass through it without allowing it to disturb the cover underneath.

These Trailer Nets are part of our standard fit range. 

You can read our Trailer Net case study here and, for a limited time only, buy a Trailer Net and an Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover together to receive 10% off your Trailer Net at the check out!

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