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The Classic Additions Trailer Net - a simple solution to costly transportation covers...

We are often contacted by our customers about the possibility of using any of our outdoor covers for trailering.  Whilst we don’t make a one cover solution to your trailering needs, we can certainly offer a cost-effective alternative to keep your car safely covered during open trailer transportation.

Introducing…the Classic Additions Trailer Net.  Used in combination with our Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover, the Trailer Net will stop the wind getting underneath the car cover and moving it around.  Meanwhile, the Ultimate Outdoor cover will keep your vehicle absolutely pristine during the process. 

We decided to wait for a grey January day (when the roads were especially gritty) to test out our new trailering solution so that we could be sure it was up to Classic Additions standards.  By hook and by crook, we managed to get our hands on a 1996 Porsche 993 Cabriolet, which had just that week been resprayed.  The owner of the car was only too happy when we promised we could collect his Porsche from the bodyshop and deliver it to a specialist over 20 miles away who was going to apply stone chip guards without it getting a single spec of winter grit on its immaculate new paintwork – challenge accepted!

We arrived at Graham’s Garage in Caerhowel, Powys equipped with one of our waterproof and breathable Ultimate Outdoor Car Covers in a size S1 and a Classic Additions Trailer Net.  After reversing the Porsche on to the trailer and securing it via the wheels, we covered it with the Ultimate Outdoor Cover and fastened the under-body straps, pulling them tight.  We felt confident that the thick, breathable cover would protect the new paintwork from the threat of rain and the dirt of the road.

Next up was the Trailer Net.  We unfolded it from its bag and laid it over the car, securely fastening and adjusting the security straps that are attached to it.  Also included with the Trailer Net are soft Velcro wraparounds that encircle the clips of the net, making sure that there is no chance of the plastic rubbing against delicate paintwork.

It is important to secure the Trailer Net as tightly and close to the car as possible, and the design of the Trailer Net makes this very easy to do.  From start to finish (including the loading of the car) it took one person less than 20 minutes to make the car completely ready for transportation, and the ease with which is it possible to affix the Trailer Net strapping certainly contributed to the quick timing.

Watching the trailer move off, there was no flapping of the Ultimate Outdoor Cover on the car and we were thrilled to see that, as the vehicle towing the trailer picked up speed, this continued to be the case.

The Porsche remained securely cocooned and protected from the elements and upon its arrival at the next stop in its restoration, it was clear to see we had been right to cover the car as the cover was covers in speckles of dirt and grit that had been thrown up by both the car towing the trailer and the vehicles that had passed it on the road.  When we removed the cover to prepare the Porsche for its overnight stay in the specialist unit before having the stone chip guards applied to its rear wheel arches, the silver respray was still in immaculate condition.  The Trailer Net had prevented any movement at all of the cover on the car and thus no buffing of the paintwork had occurred, despite the trailer having travelled at speeds of over 50mph!

In order to keep the car immaculate overnight, we then covered the Porsche with one of our Super Soft Stretch Indoor Covers (now available with mirror pockets).  The brushed fleece interior and tight knit of the fabric prevents even the tiniest speck of dust from penetrating and landing on the bodywork, and it was crucial that the Porsche was kept immaculate so that no imperfections would be trapped between the bodywork and the clear stone chip guards.  The cover worked admirably and the next day the Porsche was uncovered and found to be completely and immediately ready to be worked up, with no further body preparation required.

We’re really proud of these incredibly nifty Trailer Nets and, when used in conjunction with our Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover, we think that they really are one of the most cost effective trailering solutions on the market.  You can find them here where, for a limited time, you will receive a discount on the price of an Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover when purchasing one alongside a Trailer Net.  Simply add them to your basket and your discount will be automatically applied at checkout!

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Trailer Net, please contact us in the office on 01938 561717 and we will be happy to help!