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    • Design your own indoor car cover - Large for Bentley COACHBUILT T-SERIES (1966-1970) - £291.60

    • Soft Indoor Car Cover - Size E for Bentley COACHBUILT T-SERIES (1966-1970) - £101.60

      Classic Additions soft indoor car covers are part of the standard range and only for cars kept inside. They are made from a double brushed poly-cotton to protect the car from dust, scratches and exterior damage. These car covers are very popular and easy to put on and take off.

    • Lightweight Breathable Car Cover - E for Bentley COACHBUILT T-SERIES (1966-1970) - £106.60

      This award winning car cover is from the Classic Additions standard range, it is also a fully breathable car cover for outdoor or indoor use. The Classic Additions weather resistant fabric allows it to be put on a wet car without subsequent body damage.

    • Waterproof Half Outdoor Car Cover - L for Bentley COACHBUILT T-SERIES (1966-1970) - £47.41

      A Classic Additions half cover, cockpit cover or shower cap can be used on all makes and models of car. The half cover is fully waterproof for cars that are kept outside. The half cover protects the windscreen and windows from frost and debris such as leave or bird droppings. The waterproof half cover is a very useful option for cars in regular use.

    • Super Soft Stretch Indoor Car Cover - L for Bentley COACHBUILT T-SERIES (1966-1970) - £143.60

    • Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover - XL1 for Bentley COACHBUILT T-SERIES (1966-1970) - £211.60