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Wind Deflector

£145.00 - £181.60

Classic Additions are pleased to announce a solution for many of the problems associated with top down motoring.  Our exclusive wind deflectors combat issues such as windblown hair, ear and neck discomfort and poor acoustics, whilst being easy to install and use.

You will remain able to raise and lower your roof whilst the wind deflector is in place. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, our wind deflectors are an essential product for any open-top or convertible driving.  Our wind deflectors have excellent customer reviews, so don’t delay and order your wind deflector today to take full advantage of the sunshine!

We have worked with our supplier over many years, constantly adjusting, improving and testing our various designs. Please note that this is not a one size fits all product, each wind deflector is unique to the car model. Through our extensive involvement in the development of the wind deflectors we know products are easy to fit and most of all that they work! The special woven mesh and steel tubular frame, covered with a hard wearing leatherette, ensure that these wind deflectors are hard wearing, and each one comes with a two year manufacturer's guarantee. Should any problems arise we have a technical department on hand to help you with any fitting issues you may have. This service is rarely required due to the complete fitting instructions sent with every wind deflector, however for any issues you may have we would request that you call us on +44 1938 56 17 17.

If your vehicle is not listed please call for our full range of Wind Deflectors 01938 561717.

***Please note that, whilst we are able to carry the majority of wind deflectors in stock, some may need to be specially ordered.  If you need yours urgently, please call us as soon as possible to check product availability and avoid any disappointment.***