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Established 1989.


16TH JUNE 2017

Going above and beyond

There are many car storage facilities across the UK who can provide secure car storage for your rare or valuable car, however when it comes to car storage, Windrush Car Storage are second to none. We proudly supply our Super Soft Stretch covers to Windrush, who are based in both London and the Cotswolds.  Windrush offer secure car storage and pride themselves on going beyond their customers’ expectations. 

Windrush car storage was started by Tim Earnshaw in 2004 as a part time business.  At the time Tim worked for Ferrari but gave up his job in 2009 to run Windrush full time.  Since then, the business has grown significantly with several new ‘motor-houses’ being built to cope with demand.  Each and every car goes through a 12 stage induction process, which includes a full valet, maintenance checks, an automatic intelligent battery charger and a breathable Super Soft Stretch car cover fitted.  Once a week the batteries are checked and drip trays inspected.  If the cars are in storage for a longer period of time, once every 60 days the vehicles are run on a rolling road to gently exercise the mechanical and electrical components.

We provide Windrush with our Navy Blue Super Soft Stretch Indoor Car Covers, which are used only once the vehicles have undergone a strict cleaning and pre-storage maintenance routine.  All of their covers are printed with the Windrush logo which keeps the storage facility looking uniform and tidy.  Last week we delivered another 100 of our printed covers to them.  

In addition to car storage, Windrush can offer professional detailing services, car servicing, MOTs, vehicle transport and pre-purchase inspections.  In 2014 Windrush were awarded ISO9001 status; the world’s first car storage facility to receive this certification.

Take a look at the photographs below and see the stunning storage facilities.  If you have a special car that you don’t have room for, get in touch with Windrush who will be happy to discuss your requirements.  Car storage in the Cotswolds starts at just £52 per week.

Classic Additions

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