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As Aston Martin's official supplier, we've been kept incredibly busy by them in the run up to the release of spectre.

So it's Spectre week and the office has become divided between those who have been to see the film, and those who have not and have banned everyone else from dropping spoilers.  In the meantime, as Aston Martin's official supplier, we've been kept incredibly busy by them in the run up to the film's release.

We first became involved with the film last year when we were asked to provide some of our Custom Reveal Covers to keep the DB10 under wraps in the lead up to the launch.  We were very excited to see pictures of both cover and car in the papers a few weeks later (although where was our invite to the lauch, Sam Mendes?!).

The DB10 is an incredible piece of machinery, and we were gutted that it woulldn't be going on general sale so that we could carry on making covers for it.  However, it was very exciting to be told at the beginning of the year that Aston Martin would instead be releasing a limited series of DB9 GT Bond Edition cars.  With only 150 of the cars being made to this exclusive specification, featuring 007 badges and hand crafted Bond themed accessories, we loved being recruited for the secret service of designing a range of car covers that Daniel Craig would be proud of!

Using specially dyed thread to match the Spectre Silver paint that is exclusive to these 150 cars, we added intricate 007 logos to the classically styled covers and produced a range of high quality and sleek car covers to keep these amazing vechicles wrapped up and protected from being shaken or stirred.  It was a fantastic opportunity to be involved in the design and manufacture of these covers, with the chance to be creative one of the reasons we so enjoy working with Aston Martin.

We can't wait for the planning of the next film to start, so that we can have a sneak peak at Aston Martin's next incredible creation, let's hope it will have a license to thrill in the same way as the powerfully elegant DB9 GT does.