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#104 Ultimate Outdoor size M. in Ultimate Outdoor Covers

£141.60 £191.60

#104 Ultimate Outdoor size M.

£141.60 £191.60

This size M Ultimate Outdoor cover which has only been used once, but isn't waterproof on the seams.  The cover was a test cover, so hasn't been double stiched with waterproof thread as usual.  The fabric itself is fully waterproof, it just means that some water may come through the seams. 

The cover would be ideal for use in a barn where its dusty and you want a thicker cover than our indoor or lightweight covers. 

RRP £200.00

Redefining Outdoor Protection

We are delighted to announce the arrival of this unique Standard Fit Ultimate Car Covers.  This cover is manufactured from our most advanced fabric, fully waterproof*, fully breathable, strong and stretchy. These covers offer all of the benefits of the Custom Made Ultimate Car Covers but at a more affordable price.  The covers are available in 12 sizes designed to fit a wide range of cars.  Manufactured in a discrete grey colour these car covers are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. (*whilst the fabric is waterproof occasionally some seepage may occur through the seams, this will evaporate naturally as the fabric is breathable)

The Ultimate Outdoor covers have three straps underneath to help secure the cover, one at each end and one in the middle.