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9TH APRIL 2020

COVID-19 is temporarily changing all our lives.  Lockdown restrictions mean that, like us, you will be preparing to “hibernate” your beloved cars for a while.


At this time of year we would normally be giving advice on getting your pride and joy road ready to enjoy the sunshine and great open roads this Spring. However, these are not normal times! Now you need to make sure that you have prepared and stored the car safely and securely for the foreseeable future. If you do everything right then you’ll be ahead of the game when you uncover it in a few months time, and can go out for that lovely weekend drive. 


1) Keeping It Slick

Get your grease monkey attire on to grease any lubrication points, it is advisable to change the engine oil to proper storage oil. You need to decide how you are going to leave your fuel tank while the car is not in use. The options are to fill the tank to minimise the amount of petrol that is exposed to the air; store the car almost empty; or add a petrol stabiliser.


2) Pumped Tyres

The best option to prepare your types is to raise your car and leave it on axle stands. If you don’t do anything you have the risk of flat spots developing, however, this can be prevented by pumping your types up to around 50psi. The third alternative would be to use some tyre cushions, however storing your car for a short time won’t’ affect the tyres.


3) You’ve got the Power

You may want to invest in a decent battery maintainer to stop your battery from dying over the months it is not in use. By using one it will ensure your classic car is always raring to go, especially when you want to go for that first spin in a few months time. We sell the worlds leading CTEK chargers and accessories. Our charger of choice is the MXS 3.8, as this will charge and condition batteries of nearly all classic and modern cars. These are available here:


4) Shine Time

Give your car to a bedtime bath with a good car shampoo and polish off with wax to protect your paintwork, and remember the wheels if they are alloy. To stop corrosion, lightly spray your wire or chrome wheels with WD40. Make sure you give your leather seats a good wipe and clean as they are prone to mould growth if they aren’t in the right condition. We recommend using Auto Glym Soft Top Clean & Protect for those convertibles. (


5) Resting Position

Once your car is in its position, either wedge the wheels or raise the car, depending on your decision. Leave the handbrake off (not always necessary with a newer car) and to prevent any musty smells, slightly open couple of windows and connect the battery charger. 


6) Cover It

If you have a car cover already then of course do use this to keep the car dust free whilst in storage.  If you’re looking for an indoor car cover then we would recommend our Super Soft Stretch covers, as these are fleece lined and really stretchy so they’ll hug the shape of your car. They’re really versatile and will keep the dust off the car whilst it’s stored the garage.


If storing your vehicle outside the Ultimate Outdoor cover will protect against all the elements, including dust, scrapes, UV rays and of course the April showers should they come!



One that many of us don’t remember to do, but it also saves you money on your car tax. Luckily we have remembered this time and the cars are on charge, under a Super Soft Stretch cover and have been SORNed.

If you don’t declare your car as being off the road via the DVLA’s Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) scheme, you risk a fine of up to £1,000. Don’t forget! 



We are still operating as normally as we can, with staff working from home to keep everyone as safe as possible. We hope you all stay safe and well during these uncertain times. 


This weekend over Easter, we will be giving 10% of all sales to the NHS Charities Together to hopefully help the NHS where we can.