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24TH APRIL 2015

Weeks after the event, we are so pleased that we can finally tell you about our latest project.

Weeks after the event, we are so pleased that we can finally tell you about our latest project.  The Classic Additions team were so excited when Imagination contacted us on behalf of Rolls-Royce, who we are proud to have been supplying car covers to for the past 4 years, contacted us to tell us about a very unique reveal cover that they needed for their latest top-secret bespoke project: the Rolls-Royce Serenity Phantom.

The Serenity Phantom was individually designed to create a vehicle that provided the passenger with the most relaxing and tranquil environment possible.  We can imagine the hours of a journey just slipping past in an enjoyable blur as you revel in your Serenity Phantom with its laser cut, hand applied mother of pearl inlays, hand painted silk interior and smoked cherry-wood finishings!  Luxury at the highest quality!

Classic Additions came in to this project at it's very final stage, when the launch of the car at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show was being planned.  We were asked if we could make one of our custom reveal silks to match the hand painted silk interior of the car itself, and of course the answer was yes.

We used dye-sublimation to turn a roll of white silk into the exact shade of eau-de-nil required, and then painted on the intricate cherry blossom design which brought the best of the East and West together, having been inspired by a combination of eighteenth century European furniture and Japan's imperial robes.

After managing to turn the order around in less than 10 days, we thought that the final silk was absolutely outstanding and were thrilled to receive some incredible feedback from Rolls-Royce about the project.  We can't wait to see what their bespoke team comes up with next...

Should you or your company have a similar project in mind, why not give us a call on 01938 561717 to see how we can help you get it covered.