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Established 1989.

Car Bow in Reveal launch car covers

Only £48.00

Car Bow

Only £48.00

The Classic Additions Car Bow is available in two colours - a bright red and a royal blue.  With a fabric wrapped magnetic attachment, the bow will fix to the bonnet of any car, enabling you to drape the ribbons in the most aesthetically pleasing way.  The bow itself is made of a shimmering sateen fabric and the loops are wired to maintain a perfect shape.  The only one of its kind currently available in the UK, we're thrilled with the way that the bow looks either when on top of a Classic Additions Reveal Cover, or just on the car on it's own!  These Car Bows are the perfect finishing touch when either presenting a new car in your dealership, or for use at home when you might just be surprising someone with a new set of wheels.

Buy a Reveal Silk and a Car Bow together to receive 10% off the price of the Reveal Silk!