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£50.00 £99.00

Multi Function Jump Starter

£50.00 £99.00

Cover all your bases with the Classic Additions Multi-Function Jump Starter kit and never be caught flat again!

We don't think there's anything worse than turning your key in the ignition and getting no response - especially when you're miles from home and don't want to wait hours for a recovery vehicle.  Our Multi-Function Jump Starter kit prevents you needing to wait in the cold by carrying a charge that will jump start your vehicle into life within minutes, taking the stress out of travelling with an unreliable battery.

Not only does our charger pack come with enough power to start your car, it can also charge a variety of devices, while the built in torch allows you to conntact the jump leads to your car in safety.

Included in each pack is:

  • a home adaptor with a UK plug; so that you can charge the battery pack at home when needed
  • a car adaptor that fits into the cigarette socket; for charging on the move
  • an adaptor with a set of heads that will enable the battery pack to connect to and charge most laptops
  • a multi-headed adaptor that will allow the battery pack to conntect to and charge Apple devices
  • a battery pack, including a 19V 3.5A charger port, 12V 10A charger port, jump start socket, 2 x USB output ports and an LED torch

Once fully charged (a full charge will take approx. 8 hours), the battery pack will jump start a vehicle 40 times before needing to be charged again.  Before needing to recharge the battery pack, it is also possible to fully charge an iPhone 14 times.  Once fully charged, the battery pack is able to hold it's charge for up to 6 months (however we would recommend charging every 3 months for optimum performance).