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Ultimate Outdoor Car Cover

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Our unique nanotechnology means that this fabric is fully waterproof with both a waterproof membrane, and unique water-resistant coating. It is the ultimate protection for outdoor use


Fully breathable allowing moisture to evaporate through the fabric to help protect the car from corrosion

Soft and durable

This is our most advanced outdoor fabric, similar to neoprene, making it very soft on the vehicle’s paintwork, and extremely durable

Mirror pockets available

Mirror pockets are available in sizes S1 - LL, and are available for selected vehicles only. When you select your vehicle, if suitable, mirror pockets will appear as an option

Tight fitting

This unique fabric is slightly stretchy and available in 17 sizes, meaning the covers are snug fitting to the bodywork, which stops movement in the wind

Comes with storage bag

Each cover comes with a storage bag made from the same waterproof and breathable fabric

Detachable straps and cable lock compatible

These Ultimate covers come with three sets of fully detachable straps and can be used in conjunction with our cable lock

UV Protection

The thick fabric is UV treated and will protect the vehicle paintwork underneath from harmful UV rays

Protect from bird droppings / tree sap

Our waterproof membrane will ensure no dust, bird droppings or tree sap will penetrate through to the paintwork underneath, keeping these contaminants away from the bodywork

Established 1989, with thousands of happy clients across the globe

* FREE CABLE LOCK WITH THIS OUTDOOR COVER (automatically included with your cover)

About the ultimate outdoor car cover

Our Ultimate Car Covers are made from a specially formulated advanced Nanotechnology fabric, giving a unique water resistant coating to ensure long term protection and care for your car.

These are the world’s first 'standard fit' car cover available in this fabric with its unique nanotechnology properties.

This cover is manufactured from our most advanced fabric; fully waterproof*, fully breathable, strong and stretchy. The fabric is a little like a wetsuit, making them extremely soft on the inside and extremely durable.  The covers have three sets of fully detachable straps that go underneath the car. 

These covers offer all of the benefits of the Custom Made Ultimate Car Covers but at a more affordable price.  The covers are available in 17 sizes designed to fit a wide range of cars.  Manufactured in a discrete grey colour these car covers are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

The Ultimate Outdoor covers have three sets of fully detachable straps underneath to help secure the cover, one at each end and one in the middle. 

These covers are now available with mirror pockets for selected vehicle models (the option will appear when you select your make/model).  Please see our gallery here.

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Need a custom made outdoor cover?

We can also provide custom made outdoor covers giving a perfectly tailored fit. Please see our custom outdoor car covers.

These Ultimate covers are part of our standard fit range and not a fully fitted cover.

*whilst the fabric is waterproof occasionally some seepage may occur through the seams, this will evaporate naturally as the fabric is breathable

If you have any questions as to whether this cover is suitable for use on your car, please see our guidance page or do not hesitate to give us a call - 01938 561717.

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