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2ND JUNE 2017

The perfect companion for your classic car this summer

A common problem amongst many classic car owners is that they’ll find that the car may start perfectly every time, all the electrics seem to work and then they come to use the cigarette lighter and nothing happens.  This can be really irritating for when you’re out and about for a longer period of time and need to charge your phone, tablet, or sat nav.   Nowadays we rely on our mobile phones and navigation devices, especially when driving a classic car; these devices have changed the way we navigate and keeping your phone charged can quite literally be a matter of life or death.  Sometimes fixing a cigarette lighter isn’t an easy fix or it simply isn’t worth repairing it when everything else is functioning, so we have the perfect solution – our fully rechargeable Multi-Function Jump Starter

The Multi-Function Jump Starter comes with a variety of adaptors that will suit a number of mobile phones, satellite navigation systems or even some digital cameras.  This is a standalone product that has its own battery source which will charge an iPhone up to 14 times before running out of power.



That said, the most common concern amongst motorists when taking a classic car out is whether it will start.  Will it start next time you turn the key or will you be greeted by that heart-sinking whirring noise?  The beauty of the Multi-Function Jump Starter is that it will connect to the car battery with its own set of jump leads and has enough charge to jump start a car up to 40 times.  If you were out in the countryside with no one else around, all you need to do is reach for your Jump Starter!  This jump starter will even start the most difficult of batteries; we even tested it on a near-impossible mini digger!



What’s more is that the Jump Starter comes with a built in torch, which is conveniently located on the same side as the jump lead connector helping you see if you get stranded in the dark.

The Jump Starter comes with a neat and tidy carry case, adapters and cables.  The Jump Starter will even hold its charge for up to 6 months if it’s unused!  If you’re taking your beloved classic car out this summer, we think this is the perfect all-in-one charging companion to keep in your glove box.

We offer next day delivery on these Jump Starters, so if you’re planning to go away in your classic this weekend, get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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