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28TH APRIL 2017

Tired of trying to keep your pride and joy spotlessly clean when it’s in the garage?

If you’re like us, you probably like to keep your car immaculately clean, whether it’s used daily or a much loved classic that is kept in the garage.

There is nothing worse than spending hours maintaining a showroom finish, to find that when you come back to your car it looks dirty again – even if you store it in a garage.  Most of us like to keep our cars in garages, especially if they aren’t used that often and only get taken out at weekends.  At Classic Additions, we often hear people telling us they get really frustrated when they come back to their car a week or two later after leaving it clean, but find it is completely covered in dust.  Garages offer excellent protection from the elements but they won’t eliminate the dust, which gets worse in the dry summer months; just when you want to take the car for a spin!

The perfect solution to keeping your car spotless ready for the next time you take it out would be to keep it covered with one of our Super Soft Stretch Indoor Car Covers or one of our Custom Made Indoor Car Covers.

First of all, clean your car as you would normally.  We highly recommend washing your car with premium car care products from Autoglym.  The Bodywork, Wheels and Interior collection offers all the products you need for the exterior (including polish), wheels (including tyre dressing) and interior products (interior shampoo, glass and rubber care).

The Bodywork, Wheels and Interior collection is available to buy on our website, and is ideal for any car enthusiast! 

Once the car is immaculately clean and you are happy with the results, safely store the car in your garage as before.  This time fit your new indoor car cover; whether it’s one of our Super Soft Stretch or fully Custom Made Indoor Car Covers.  If you need help with fitting your cover, take a look at our video here.  You will see this gorgeous Ford Escort RS Custom has been covered with one of our Custom Made Indoor Car Covers, which is complete with contrasting piping and an embroidered logo. 

The next time you want to take your car out for a drive, remove the cover from the car and safely store it inside the bag provided, revealing a beautifully clean car just as you left it!

You’ll see here the results speak for themselves.   Our Indoor Car Covers keep your pride and joy clean and protected all year round making those spontaneous trips out as easy as possible.

If you need help deciding which cover will be best for you, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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