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13TH MAY 2019

Last year we were contacted by Mr Howard Cheese at the Knighton Historic Vehicle Club, who regularly organises day trips out for the members of the club.  There are around 80 members in the local area to them, who are all historic car enthusiasts.  The cars in the club range from Morris Minors to Bugatti’s.  Towards the autumn of last year when Mr Cheese was in touch, he had planned a run out from Knighton to Montgomery before Christmas.  As part of a run, the idea was to bring the members here en route to look at our car covers.  The event was postponed due to the winter weather, so we set a new date for Friday 10th May. 

We were of course happy to oblige and hold a very small open day for them here in Rorrington.  Unfortunately, the weather still wasn’t good, and it poured with rain all morning whilst we set up.  We erected our small marquee and put out some brochures and swatches.  We had our Ultimate Outdoor car cover on display too.  At least the rain could show off how great the covers perform in the rain!  We put on some tea and biscuits in preparation for their arrival, and we were extremely lucky that as we could hear the cars come down the lane, the rain stopped.

A mixture of around 7 old cars turned up, and it was great to see the cars and chat with the owners over some light refreshments.  One owner purchase and take a cover away and everyone else took our samples and brochures.  The club were on a tight schedule so after an hour here moved on to their destination in Montgomery just down the road.

We absolutely loved hosting this small local car club, and would love to see more people come up to the offices here during the summer months.  If you are part of a local car club and wanted to come up for a lovely run through the Shropshire hills, we are more than happy to host a meet and put some covers out on display too.  Get in touch with us at