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Super Soft Stretch Indoor Car Cover

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Soft fleece lining

This stretch fabric has a subtle sheen for an elegant finish, and is super soft, with a fleece lining.

Easy to fit

This fabric is stretchy, light weight and easy to fit.

Breathable to prevent rust

Fully breathable allowing moisture to evaporate through the fabric to help protect the car from corrosion


At only a few kilograms each, these covers can be used and stored with ease


The cover is stretchy all over, helping the cover cling to the shape of the car. The cover has elasticated front and rear hems help the cover fit tightly to your car.

Protect from dust and dampness

The tight-knit fabric stops dust whilst allowing the car to breathe

8 colours available

We have these covers available in black, dark grey, light grey, yellow, navy blue, royal blue, bottle green and guard's red.

Mirror pocket option

We have the option to add mirror pockets to these covers, available in black, navy blue and guards red. If suitable for your car, this option will appear when you select your make and model.

Next working day delivery

These covers are kept in stock, so are available for next working day delivery

Established 1989, with thousands of happy clients across the globe

These super soft, super stretchy indoor car covers are the ideal solution for those seeking a fitted car cover without the expense of our fully bespoke range. Lycra blended, satin fabric allows the cover to cling to the car whilst its subtle sheen gives an elegant finish. Tightly knitted fleece lined fabric provides excellent protection from dust and other pollutants as well as remaining breathable to prevent any build-up of condensation forming on the car.

The snug fit of these covers ensures that they not only look great but also provide exceptional protection. Low profile seams guarantee a sleek finish whilst displaying the contours and profile of your car. Whether you've got a classic Mini, a Porsche Boxster, a VW or a BMW X5, one of these covers will look fantastic on anything! The even better news is that this cover is now available in 8 colours: Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Guards Red, Bottle Green, Yellow, Dark Grey and Light Grey.

We now have these covers available with mirror pockets, to give a more tailored look.  These are only available on selected vehicle makes/models (the option will only show once you have selected your vehicle), and these are available in Black, Navy Blue and Guards Red only. 

These Super Soft Stretch covers are part of our standard fit range, and not a fully fitted cover.


"Review on Super Soft Stretch Car Covers after being on my two BMWs while in Europe and the UK for 13 months. Both vehicles had services before storage with new oil and full petrol tanks with stabiliser to the fuel. The tyres were inflated to 40 psi and resting on rubber mats. Exhaust pipes had foil inserted to prevent rodents and peppermint oil on the plastic/rubber components in the engine bay as a rodent control. Peppermint oil and moth balls were left in a plastic container on the floor of the rear seat area. Then both vehicles were connected to their own CTEK battery chargers. Of course, both vehicles were washed, dried and wheels polished before fitting the car covers.

When I returned from my overseas trip and finally getting the vehicles out of storage, you wonder what condition they may be in. The covers had dust on them so as I rolled back the covers there was no dust or water marks on the vehicles and the underside of the covers were dust free. Next I checked the CTEK chargers; both showing fully charged batteries. Disconnect them, remove foil from the exhaust pipes check the engine bay pipes, fluid levels and tyre pressure - 36 psi all round only loss 4 psi.

Push the start button, resulting in an instant start note. I had to peel the rubber mats off the tyres. When driving there were no flat spots, as if driven out of the show room. I have not washed the vehicles since removing the covers two weeks ago as they were clean and the Autumn weather in Australia has not rained where I live.

This a great testament to the Super Soft Stretch Car Covers from your company, I am so glad that I purchased them. Thank you for making such a quality product." 

Mr O'Neill, May 2023


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