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For the 5th year in the row, we were asked to make covers for some of the rarest and most incredible cars in the world.

The Concours of Elegance is fast becoming one of Europe's (if not the world's) most beautiful car shows.  Whilst only in its 5th year, the show has gained an international reputation for excellence and has continuously attracted some of the planet's most prestigious vehicles.  Rotating around some spectacular Royal venues, the Concours is unique in that the 'Best in Show' isn't voted for by judges.  Instead, the owners of the vehicles entered in the show cast their votes and choose one of their peers to win the coveted prize.  

This year, the Best of Show-winning 1938 Hispano-Suiza Dubonnet Xenia was developed by André Dubonnet, an inventor, racing driver and World War One fighter pilot. Dubonnet chose an H6 Hispano-Suiza engine for his creation, and commissioned Jean Andreau to design the incredible, streamlined body. Jacques Saoutchik then brought the design to life, featuring curved glass, sliding doors and a panoramic windscreen.

As always, Classic Additions' brief was simple.  Autoglym (master detailers and event sponsors) required 75 semi-tailored car covers that were waterproof, soft and featured the event's unique branding.  We'd like to think that we didn't disappoint and the below feedback from Autoglym's Mark Docherty seems to agree!  We can't wait to find out in the coming weeks where the 2017 Concours is going to be held - we're looking forward to it already!

Hi Dean,

Feedback from the show was the same as usual, great job on getting the covers there on time and a massive thanks for sorting out that last minute replacement mid show.

Many thanks for all you and your teas hard work Dean. Keeping track of all the cars and covers was a bit hectic at times, but you did a great job. We couldn’t do it without you!

Mark Doc

Mark Docherty | Marketing Executive - PR & Events

If you are involved in an event and think that some uniquely branded car covers might provide a finishing touch, please do contact us in the office on 01938 561717 and see how we can help.