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A rare glimpse behind the scenes of Aston Martin

Despite the pandemic we have been working hard on a number of special projects recently.

As an official supplier to Aston Martin, we were lucky enough to have a behind the scenes view of the state-of-the-art headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire.

Entering the main reception area, the atmosphere oozed innovation and creativity. There is no doubt when we walk through the doors that we are dealing with the world’s most luxurious sports car manufacturer – an honour.

Our mission: hand-crafting the new covers for the Aston Martin DBX. There is a meticulous process involved in every inch of the manufacturing process, whether it is the car itself, or the accessories, everything is tightly integrated into its renowned design capability.

Entering the design studio, a tailor-made space for the world-leading design team, we found two full scale clay models of the DBX behind our reveal silks to keep them hidden. Handcraftsmanship combined with advanced engineering are key ingredients of this iconic brand and as we measured up the scale models for the cover blueprint, attention to detail was imperative.

Providing a tailor-made cover for the world leading luxury sports car manufacturer, renowned for design capability was a highlight of 2020 – thankfully, we measured up to expectations.

Now launched it is easy to see that Aston Martin DNA flows through the veins of the DBX and the tech hidden under the skin ensures it is every bit as capable as most modern sports cars; while also providing the lifestyle versatility expected of a luxury SUV.

Golden Saffron, Satin Xenon Grey, Stirling Green and Hyper Red are just a few of the 30 different colours available and Classic Additions are proud to produce the handmade, matching, custom made covers to co-ordinate with whichever colour is chosen.

Mandy Ashworth is now choreographing the next Aston Martin project but as ever we are sworn to secrecy – watch this space.  Mandy was delighted to receive her official supplier package from Aston Martin the other day. We are very proud to have been an official supplier for over 15 years.