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Our Custom Made Outdoor covers on a unique Morgan and their journey around Europe.

At the beginning of summer, we were approached by a customer enquiring about having some Custom Made Outdoor covers made for his unique Morgan 4/4.  This car was completely hand built to the customers specifications in 2015.  As we all know, modern car garages are usually far too narrow to get any modern car in and be able to open the doors.  This was exactly the case for the latest Morgan 4 seater, where it is simply too wide to get into the garage.  As a solution, our customer had the car built to his own specification, with the car being 4” narrower than a standard car.  This enables the car to be kept in the garage for long term storage. 

For those occasions where the car is kept outdoors, the customer wanted a full outdoor cover for it, so that he can use it when the car is parked on the driveway and used more regularly during the summer months.  As the car isn’t a standard size, it of course required measuring up, to get the new dimensions for a perfectly fitting car cover.  We arranged for our head tailor, Conrad, and our Managing Director, Adrian, to travel a couple of hours to see and measure the car.  The Morgan’s require a little more measuring than something like a modern sports car, due to the number of angles on the bodywork, protruding lights and luggage rack.  Once Conrad was happy with the measurements, they were taken back to the factory along with some photographs of the car ready for marking out the fabric. 

The customer was not just interested in a full cover for the car, but also a couple of bespoke half covers, made from the same Ultimate fully waterproof fabric.  The car was due to go on a long road trip around Europe, so there is a requirement for an easier cover to use overnight to protect the interior of the car when the roof is down, plus another bespoke cover to protect the fabric hood when the roof is up.  Whilst we were there, we took some slightly different measurements, and worked out where fixings and attachments would go on the car. 

Each cover was designed completely around this car and each cover has had taped seams added, to ensure they are 100% waterproof even in the heaviest of rain. 

The trip around Europe was just short of 4000 miles, covering 14 different countries.  What is amazing is that the roof of the car never had to come up during the trip, as the rain doesn’t come in at anything over 50mph.  When stuck in some traffic in the rain, you will see in the photos that it was easier to pull the new half cover over the cabin rather than put the cars roof up!

Here is a brief overview of some of the countries they visited, and some lovely photos of the covers being used. 


Kells, Ireland


Donegal, Ireland


Cork, Ireland


Traffic jam in Mont Blanc


Montlucon, France


Aosta, Italian Alps




Brno, Czech Republic


Auschwitz, Poland


Wroclow, Poland


Cologne Cathedral, Germany


Belgium coast


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